While we patiently await a time when we can more comfortably and safely enjoy public spaces as more people receive COVID-19 vaccines and with spring on the way, now is the perfect time to make a plan to beautify your home’s outdoor space to enjoy now and for years to come.

Hardscaping Possibilities

Hardscaping is the landscaping work that deals with materials other than live plants. Think: stone, brick, timber, concrete and metal. It is an essential pairing that complements lush greenery. Hardscaping adds form and function, helping to shape and organize your space. Envision winding stone walkways through your flower garden, a stone bench placed by a relaxing water fountain, even the surround around a backyard pool or fence and gate enclosure.

Hardscaping also includes the building of a great patio, or even steps to the front of your home. It can truly elevate your home’s first impression, or street value. After your hardscaping project is finished, you’ll want to decorate it with the furnishings of your choice — rocking chairs, barbecue grills, etc. to make it your own.

Pretty Pergolas & Fire Pits

Want to be able to enjoy your space regardless of the weather? Consider installing a pergola — a structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid. The roofing could be partially or fully enclosed, whichever you prefer. It can be freestanding or can attach to your home and can help to provide shade or complete weather protection from above.

Fire pits are popular hardscaping projects that can be enjoyed year-round. Picture you and your loved ones gathering and telling stories, roasting marshmallows and laughing — all in the comfort of your own backyard space.

Hire a Professional

Looking to take on a hardscaping project? Save yourself the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Hardscaping is undoubtedly hard work. It is mentally and physically challenging, and requires a lot of thought and planning to execute properly and beautifully.  If not installed properly it can be a very expensive and timely error to correct. 

New Castle Lawn & Landscape is located outside of Reading in Birdsboro, PA and is here to help. We can set up a meeting to discuss your timeline and budget and to survey the project area.  Meet with our team of designers who will listen to your needs and wants and develop a jaw dropping design that is both functional and beautiful!   Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at 610-796-7818 to schedule a meeting or visit online at http://www.newcastle94.com.