Yes, spring has sprung! Now’s the time to prepare your landscape for the beauty sure to blossom and bloom in the coming months. Check out our top 10 suggestions for must-dos as we start enjoying warmer temperatures and more time outdoors…

  1. Clean & Clear. Remove debris from garden beds and your lawn in general, including leaves and perennial plants that have died. Debris can prohibit growth, encourage pests and cause a cluttered look.
  2. Tidy up. Trim branches of shrubs that needs some shaping and that are touching your home or are on the ground. Be careful not to do any additional pruning until after the blooming season has ended.
  3. Home Check-up. Thoroughly inspect your house and look for any repairs that may need to be addressed before plants, shrubs and the like begin to grow. Think window caulking, paint touch-ups, washing windows, small hole patching, power washing and the like. Now’s also the time to scrub decks, patios and your outdoor furniture.
  4. Do Plant Bed Prep-work. Apply pre-emergent for weed control, mulch to add moisture to soil and edging to accent garden beds.
  5. Get Ready for Mowing. Check that your machinery is in working order and perform preventative work like edging your lawn along pathways and driveway spaces.
  6. Have Trees Inspected. It’s important to check for unhealthy limbs or crossing branches. Tree health is essential and we absolutely recommend calling on a professional if you’re unsure about inspecting to see if trees on your property are healthy or require some kind of maintenance.
  7. Consider Future Florals. Clean out your planters and flower pots, replace potting soil if necessary, and stock up on fertilizer and other items you’ll want to have on hand.
  8. Reset and Re-adjust. Set stepping stones that have become buried back into place and re-plant garden stakes and other décor items you may have removed during the winter months. Get colorful!
  9. Do a Walk-through. Survey your lawn and garden areas and take photos. Refer to them and jot down notes for how you’d like to transform them and start searching online for inspiration images.
  10. Write it Down. Start a wish list for plants you’d like to incorporate in your space as well as for annuals to put in your pots so you’re ready when it comes time to start shopping at your favorite local garden center.

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