Building a Beautiful Lawn

Have a bald spot on your lawn from laying down the slip-and-slide and enjoying some summertime fun? Did you say goodbye to an above-ground pool? Maybe you have a few divots from practicing some putt-putt. Do you have dead patches as a result of grubs or other insects? No worries. Look to our aeration and overseeding services to help bring your lawn back to fantastic form.

All About Aeration

What is aeration? Aeration creates holes that break up compacted soil. Your soil can become quite dense for a variety of reasons. When it does, it makes it harder for water to penetrate, slowing grass growth. Aeration aids in getting both air and water to grass, as well as nutrients and fertilizer, resulting in stronger and deeper root growth. It’s best done during active growth times as roots can then expand and improve your lawn’s quality.

Signs You Need to Aerate Your Lawn

Wondering if you need to aerate your yard space? If it sees heavy foot traffic from people or pets, consistently dries out and carries a bouncy feel or has puddles of pooling water, consider aeration a must-do as water is likely not saturating your soil to the best of its ability. Fall is the optimal time to aerate and overseed your lawn. Warm days paired with cool nights and optimal ground moisture make it ideal.

Benefits of Aeration & Overseeding

Why should you invest in aeration and overseeding services? Here are just a few positives to consider…

  • Aeration improves seed germination as seeds germinate easily in aerator holes.
  • Overseeding can fill bare areas and thicken existing areas of grass.
  • Overseeding helps keep away insects, lawn disease, and the damage both can cause.
  • Aeration and overseeding decrease weed growth. Weeds germinate in weak areas.
  • It creates a beautifully landscaped space!

Ready to learn more?

Want to know more about getting on our schedule to aerate and overseed your lawn this fall? We’d be happy to meet with you for a free consultation and to discuss more. We will also provide you with instructions on how to water your lawn to best help aid growth. Call us at 610-796-7818 or visit today!