There as been a lot of talk about the Spotted Lanternfly this year and its destruction. Thinking we are in the clear from the annoying pest until next Spring we find out they could ruin our CHRISTMAS!!!! Social media has been blowing up over the Spotted lanternfly and the threat of egg masses being on your Christmas tree!!! Although many people gather most of their news from social media lets see what the actual experts have to say about this possible Christmas Vacation style debacle.

Why is the Lanternfly here? Why is it threatening my Christmas tree! Well the Lanternfly arrived in the area about three years ago in the Douglasville area. The consensus is that the Lanternfly hitched a ride from China on a shipment of stone to a quarry in the Douglasville area. The Lanternfly feeds on trees and causes them damage and stress. In certain areas in Berks county the infestation is so terrible that people can’t even sit outside on their patios because of 1,000’s of Lanternfly flying all around! The lanternfly starts to slow down and die off as the winter months close in so why are we concerned about our Christmas trees? 

The Lanternfly lay their eggs on tree bark and other smooth surfaces like your siding or stucco. The Christmas tree concern started when people thought the trees would have Lanternfly egg masses all over them and would hatch once they were inside homes! There is a chance there could be some egg masses on Christmas trees but so far there has only been one report in PA. They prefer Maple’s, Black Walnuts, River Birch, and others but there have been no reports of Lanternfly feeding on Christmas trees. Chances are slim to none that there will be Lanternfly on your Christmas tree. Even if there were the bug is completely harmless and will most likely die within a day or two because they would have no food source in the house. 

Christmas is saved! You can still get a real tree and enjoy the fresh smell, constant watering, cleaning up the needles, and the occasional squirrel!