A deck is an extension of your home.  

At New Castle Lawn and Landscape, we want you to love all aspects of your home, especially your time spent outdoors. Landscape structures add value to your lifestyle by being an extension of your home creating a retreat in your very own backyard. Our experienced designers will walk you through the process of choosing different styles and materials to create a customized product that is a good fit for the character of your property, your needs and budget. New Castle is proud to offer a five-year warranty on all landscape structures to stand behind our quality craftsmanship.

Enjoy Your Summer On a Brand New Deck

The shortest distance to a relaxing day in the sun is just outside your back door, on your own brand new deck. Put your feet up, your favorite drink in one hand and a good book in the other. Not much of a reader? Just enjoy your drink and may be catch up on what’s new with your friends or family. No matter your preference, a fine deck makes all the difference. Before You Get Started… Don’t have a deck? There is no better time than now to have one built. 

We can start by answering all your questions. For instance:

1. What size deck will your house/property accommodate?

2. What materials can you choose from?

3. How long will the deck last?

4. What local permits apply?

5. How much will it cost?

Asking the right questions and knowing at least some general information about deck building is vital in helping you make the right choices and avoid expensive mistakes.

Designing Your Deck

A lot of thought and planning go into designing a beautiful and functional deck. How big it should be and what style and materials you choose may depend on the style of the house you have, the size of your property, your budget, etc. Simpler designs are easier and cheaper to build and maintain but with a little more budget, your deck could virtually be a work of art! During our consultation we not only learn about your house, property and budget, we also learn about your style. The design we present you will be guided by it. Building Your Deck A professionally built deck will be strong, functional, safe and will last many years. With extensive experience building outstanding decks, the New Castle team builds decks fast, with accurate planning and budgeting while avoiding costly errors.

Common errors that DIY deck builders make include attaching the deck to the house improperly, which can apply the undue stress to the wall and foundation. This can result in costly structural damage to the house and possibly violating building codes. We are a certified Trex Pro team, trained in industry standards and we use high quality materials. We follow a time tested process that maximizes quality and minimizes time and cost.

Decking Material

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to decking material. To start there is natural, durable wood such as cedar, redwood, etc. Treated wood such as pressure-treated wood may be the way to go if you are working with a tight budget. There are also artificial materials such as composites and Vinyl. Your choice of material can have a bearing on the appearance, cost, ease of maintenance as well as length of usability. We can help you choose the right material based on your anticipated use and budget. Repairing or Replacing Your Deck Regular use as well as continuous exposure to the elements will eventually take its toll on your deck. Insect damage and accidents can also result in the need for restoration of your deck. Depending on the level of damage you may be able to repair it or it may be necessary to replace it. We can help you determine the level of damage and help you evaluate your options. If the wear on your deck is starting to show, call us. We can carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that it is safe for you to continue to use or let you know if it needs to be repaired. Whether you’re looking to restore an aging deck or you would like a brand new deck this summer, call us.

Why Choose New Castle Lawn and Landscape to Design and Build Your Deck?

Creating an outdoor structure is time and labor intensive. It also requires thought, planning, and know-how. Our professional Depending on where you reside, structure construction may require permits. New Castle will advise you on the codes applicable to your project and will acquire any necessary permits. Our experienced team will consider site conditions such as soil types, drainage, setbacks, sun exposure and privacy. We can also arrange for necessary auxiliaries such as plumbing, gas lines, lighting and audio. An on-site visit as part of the initial consultation will help assess the work properly before a design and quote are presented.  Our professional designers will then prepare a 3D rendering of your dream project.  

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