If you’ve noticed your grass growth is starting to slow, you’re right. Before we know it, the leaves will begin to transition from green to reds, yellows and oranges, falling from the trees and welcoming the autumn season. That makes now the perfect time to schedule fall clean-up services with us.

Tasks to Tackle

Don’t miss out on the limited time you have with your kids now that they’re back in school, or on enjoying their sports or other extracurricular activities by scheduling your free time with landscape maintenance tasks. At New Castle Lawn and Landscape, we do it all. Think: clearing leaves; preparing garden beds, cutting back trees and shrubs; and making sure that when it comes time to break out the mower again, you’ve got a lush, green lawn growing on your property.

Consider working with us to aerate your lawn and to seed before winter hardens the ground. Aerating creates holes in compacted soil. It’s best performed during active growth times so roots can expand and improve your lawn’s quality. Follow up with a fresh seeding and you should be set. So, if you have a patch here and there that’s going bare, now’s the time to aerate.

Rake and Rid

If you’ve wondered if raking and clearing leaves and other debris that fall in, well, the fall, is important, the simple answer is, “absolutely.” Leaf piles are the perfect home for critters you don’t want on – or in – your home. Letting leaves sit is an open invitation for them as they look for warm places to nest. Insects also love these piles as they house moisture, making them the perfect place for egg laying. Those leaf piles can also undo any work you’ve done to create a gorgeous green lawn. They block sunlight and cause areas underneath to die.

Why New Castle?

Located in Berks County and serving the area and beyond for more than 25 years, we’re proud recipients of the Reading Eagle Reader’s Choice Award for Best Landscaping Company and Best Lawn Care Company, as well as Berks County Living’s Best of Berks winner for Best Landscaping Company, and a Top 50 Business honoree as designated by the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance.  New Castle was also recognized and awarded “Best Lawn & Landscaping Company to Work For” by the national publication, Lawn & Landscape Magazine!   But our culture and our team are what truly sets us apart. We’re proud of being a great place to work as well as a leading landscaping business.

Ready to learn more? We would be happy to talk about our services and determine which can be of help to you. Call us at 610-796-7818 or visit www.newcastle94.com today!