If you love the sound of moving water and the tranquil feelings it brings, rest assured that you can get it in your home’s outdoor space in ways other than installing a swimming pool. Read on for some great ideas!

Pretty Ponds, Streams & WaterfallsWater feature designed and installed by NC94-pond planting

Garden ponds can feature lily pads and encourage wildlife like frogs, birds and ducks to make it their outdoor home, or you can install a koi pond if you are a lover of the vibrant fish which are easily available for purchase locally. After all, all living things need water. Ponds can be small or large, and can feature living creatures or not. Streams can also be built into your home’s landscape. You’ll want to enlist the help of a professional to be sure the water is flowing away from important property features and that you aren’t inviting damage in the process.

If you love the look of a waterfall, we can do that, too! Natural or man-made rocks are often natural accompaniments to waterfalls. They help set the scene and create your water flow route.  Accompanied by strategically placed perennials, it has the potential to create tremendous curb appeal and the setting for a very relaxing oasis.

Fantastic Fountains

If you’re worried about too much water use when installing a fountain at your property, don’t be! These beauties can be designed with water conservation in mind. Fountains recycle water from pools and other locations and re-circulate their own water, which helps to eliminate bacteria build-up. On hot days, fountains fill the air with moisture that can provide much-needed relief. They are particularly beautiful in garden spaces, perhaps built within the eye’s view from a relaxing seating area.

Benefits of Water Features

If you long to be at one with nature, water features can bring the sounds of the outdoors to your doorstep. They attract natural wildlife and can enhance your local ecosystem and are customizable for any size of space. Most require little maintenance while making your property unique, beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

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