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Beautiful lawns take a lot of work. It starts with a good understanding of soil and water conditions. You have to then be able to formulate an all-year care plan that changes with the seasons. You also need the right tools for the job. Professional tools to weed, feed, seed and aerate your lawn make all the difference.

Why bother with the stress of lawn care and miss out on the great weather? At New Castle Lawn and Landscape, we have been installing and maintaining spectacular lawns at homes just like yours in Berks and and surrounding counties for over 26 years.

Leave the worry to us and enjoy the sun with your loved ones. You know you deserve it!

How We will Transform Your Lawn

Essential Treatments

The following are the services and treatments that are included with our primary lawn applications service. We will assess the condition of your lawn and offer advice on the correct treatment plan.

  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Controlled Release Feeding
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Nutsedge Control
  • Iron Color Booster
  • Summer Stress Preventer
  • Post-emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Spring Stress Preventer
  • Lawn Damaging Insect Control
  • Grub Prevention
  • Winter Stress Preventer

Add-on Treatments

The following are additional services that we may recommend if we find that the condition of your lawn requires it. These services, when called for, can make a substantial difference in the overall health of your lawn and it’s appearance.


Let your lawn breath! We aerate your lawn by removing small plugs from your turf resulting in increased water, air and nutrient intake into the root system of the lawn. This stimulates new root growth, reduces soil compaction and helps move nutrients and water.


Overseeding along with aeration is a great way to improve the density of your turf, fill in dead spots, and establish improved grass varieties.

Lime Application

The presence of dandelions may be an indication of low ph. In our area where the soil generally has a low “pH”, an application of lime will raise the “pH” to more appropriate level for turf grass.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Experience a Lawn Transformation of Your Own

Our extraordinary lawn treatments are the result of proven turfgrass science and over 26 years of solid experience in landscaping and lawn care. We can do the same for you.

Why New Castle Lawn And Landscape?

A Professional Partnership in Monthly Intervals/Treatments

We are a small business that lives by a core value - to give back to the local charities and businesses in our community while giving our employees the opportunities to grow and become leaders here at home.

Since 1994 New Castle's Lawn Care Technicians have worked diligently to provide homeowners and communities with the best customer service and products. We aim to give you a lush green lawn that makes spending time at home easy and relaxing.

Get a head start on your spectacular lawn for 2021. Sign up today and SAVE 10% on your annual rate and experience the New Castle Difference.

  • Locally owned since 1994
  • Supports local families and charities
  • Employee training and development is a top priority
  • Leading area experts in lawn care and landscaping
  • Lawn care applicators are fully licensed and certified
  • A professional partnership in 4-5 week intervals/treatments.
  • All of our nitrogen is slow release, allowing a sustained feeding.

Competitive Pricing

Amazing Price Considering The Spectacular Results

We take pride in offering our clients the best pricing possible without compromising on quality. We employ experts and use top quality products. Our clients thank us for it. You will appreciate it too, once you see the results and experience our friendly, responsive customer service.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Your Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate Measure of Success!

    We stand behind our work - 100%. Not all lawns respond to treatments in the same way. Some lawns take longer to deliver the expected results. Our clients know and love us for our follow-up and follow-through. We will make sure that by the end of our treatments you end up with healthy, green, weed-free lawn. Guaranteed!

    Customer service outstanding, quality workmanship, friendly staff. Newcastle far exceeded our expectations. They created our expectations. They created our front and back yard after our home was built. They worked with us to create the ideal back yard, including coordination a pool. Highly recommend!

    - Nina Conner

    Highly Recommend! Honest, reliable and do amazing work! We had a patio put onto our backyard. They worked with us, even as we made some changes during the project. The crew was friendly and clean! Once finished they came back to make sure we were happy! After our first major rainfall we noticed some drainage problems. They were out the next day and made the necessary changes and fixed the issue. We also use them for our lawn treatment and our yards has never looked better!

    - Tim Morgan

    My lawn looks amazing at a reasonable price. They are very friendly and courteous. We have been using them for years and always get compliments on the grass

    - Lauren Applegate

    New Castle lawn and landscape was the ONLY company that promptly returned our phone call. They were excellent in All areas...customer service, response time, professional and took care of our problem almost immediately. Kudos to them for their good work. We would recommend them!

    - Janay Butera

    Brad, Phil and everyone at New Castle are a real pleasure to work with. They listen and check in to ensure they are creating exactly what we want. Everyone who has worked with us is knowledgeable and capable. They are very patient in explaining why or why not if we have questions. Customer service, responsiveness and commitment to quality are excellent, plus they are just great people to deal with. Highly recommend!!

    - Marilyn Maries

    New Castle landscaped our back yard and turned it into a beautiful oasis we can enjoy. They were very professional and listened to what we wanted. They worked out a design that worked within our budget and even replaced rose bushes that didn't survive the first winter. They continue to maintain our lush lawn and mulch the gardens for a reasonable rate. As retirees that is very important.

    - Judy Lyszcek

    Any Questions? Call Us: 610-708-1199