Did you know that Christmas trees are not naturally the perfect cone/triangular shape that has come to be a standard in  holiday decorating.  Tree farmers across the nation work year round to be able to deliver a perfect shaped, full, fresh tree to grace your home for 1 month of the year.   The average size tree takes about 7-10 years to grow.  The first two years is just a battle for survival, those that make it, go on to grow and get shaped until they reach the desired size.

Every year, farmers tackle the trees with ninja like movements pruning with machete type saws. They slash the outer lying branches the tip to keep them in a dense cone shape with a sturdy top point to hold that star or angel.  Larger farms have machines that sheer around each tree.

Why is this done?  It promotes stronger, fuller growth that can support and give more branches to hang lights and ornaments. There are still Charlie Brown and Griswold family trees out there.  Remember to thank your tree farmer or tree lot sales person for their hard work…and keep your tree watered to prevent a fire hazard in your living room!

Merry Christmas Everyone, enjoy looking at your decorated cone,

Team New Castle