Trees. They’re beautiful and offer a wealth of benefits – if they are properly cared for, of course.

Award-winning New Castle Lawn and Landscape, based in Birdsboro, Berks County, but also newly serving the Macungie and West Chester areas, can help to keep your trees in tip-top shape, offering complete tree care services. Just a few include:

  • Tree Injections, Spraying and Deep Root Fertilization. Preventative maintenance is important, especially for your trees. Consider pretreatment, which can prevent your property’s trees from becoming infected with disease or being riddled with damaging insects or other pests. Because injections and spraying often involved the application of chemicals, it’s best left to the professionals. For trees that are struggling or showing signs of decline, deep root fertilization using high-pressure professional equipment to inject a blend of nutrients and organic matter into the soil around the roots, may help.
  • Tree Pruning/Thinning. It can be essential that pruning and thinning work on trees is performed by a professional. When done properly, this can help your trees to remain healthy and thriving for years to come. On the other hand, improper pruning can be a death sentence. Pruning helps to control tree size, as well as to prevent hazards like questionable branches and other common preventable issues.
  • Tree Removal. Not sure if a tree on your property requires removal? We can access its health. If the tree is dead or dying and requires removal, we can perform the necessary task properly. You may also look to remove trees on your property that are of an undesirable species, if they are leaning or in a precarious position, or another like cause.
  • Tree Planting. Trees are beautiful! They can increase your property value, combat climate change, clean the air, create shady spaces, conserve energy, provide food and a canopy for wildlife, and so much more. But it’s important that they’re planted and trained properly. We can ensure that’s the case and that you can enjoy your new trees for decades to come.
  • Tree Damage Insurance Assessments. Did you have a tree fall and create damage after a storm? Need assistance filing with your insurance company? We’re here to help.
  • Stump Grinding, Chipping and Hauling Away. Aside from insurance issues, when trees and large limbs fall after a storm or other occurrence, you’ll likely need help removing whole trees, stumps, and so on. We’ve got the equipment to do just that easily and efficiently. You can rest assured that we’ll remove all debris in a timely manner, keeping your property looking clean and beautiful.
  • ZERO IMPACT policy.  Did you know that when you hire New Castle to service or remove a tree from your property, they take special care in preserving your landscaping so that minimal damage is done? Each branch is lowered instead of dropping limbs to the ground and they work to leave your property as they found it.   Not all tree companies are able to provide landscaping services following your tree service or removal. New Castle does!


Need tree help? We serve customers in Berks, Lancaster, Chester and Montgomery, Bucks and Lehigh counties and we’d love for you to be one of them. Please reach out to us to learn more by calling us 610-796-7818 or visit today!