Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

There’s no doubt that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a greater appreciation gained for spending time outdoors. Have you improved upon your home’s outdoor design? If you answered “yes,” or if you have a project in mind, you may also be considering a lighting project.

The Best in Landscape Lighting

Simply put, landscape lighting is an investment in beauty, safety and entertainment for your home. At New Castle Lawn & Landscape, we work with Unique Lighting, a landscape lighting pioneer, as we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. Unique’s catalog is comprehensive, innovative, technically advanced and professional-grade. It allows us to work with our customers with confidence and creativity.

Take these advantages of landscape lighting into account if you’re considering a future project…

Appearance. Outdoor lighting can greatly enhance your home’s look, making landscaping visible all hours of the day. When properly positioned, it can make architectural features pop. You can also point fixtures toward your favorite plants to make them more visible, more often. You might even consider landscaping lighting to add a sense of drama to your space.

Functionality. No sunlight? No problem. Once the sun goes down, outdoor lighting allows you to spend extra hours outside. Go ahead and plan that late-night dinner with friends on the patio.

Security & Safety. It’s a fact that well-lit spaces are a deterrent for crimes like burglary and vandalism. Key lighting points are near entrance doors and around windows, as well as the darkest portions of your yard space. You can also use lighting in areas, such as around stairs and other step downs, to minimize the potential for tripping, falling and other accidents.

Ready to learn more?

Unique Lighting’s fixtures endure extensive environmental testing, including in rain, extreme heat and cold, UV and lightning situations. The company learns quickly and makes adjustments to improve their product line. We stand behind our work and they stand behind their products with great warranties, which is crucial for customers.

Want to know how it will all work in your space before making a costly and long-term commitment? Good news! We can install a demo kit so you can see how it will all look and operate. Connect with one of our New Castle Lawn & Landscape specialists today!

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