Lawn Applications

At New Castle, our lawn treatments focus on the soil first. Each treatment contains a natural material that activates the soil. This helps the turf accept the optimal amount of nutrients it needs to grow healthier. This process allows us to use less chemical fertilizers and pesticides which is better for the client and the environment. Here is our plan for a safer, greener lawn:

Soil Test

The essential first step! This inexpensive test gives us accurate pH, nutrient & organic matter levels, so we can provide for your lawn’s exact nutritional needs. Don’t guess, soil test!

Early Spring:

• Early Spring Organic Soil Treatment
• Early Spring Crabgrass Prevention
• Lawn Feeding – FREE


• Summer Organic Soil Treatment
• Grub and Insect Control Treatment
• Lawn Feeding – FREE


• Spring Organic Soil Treatment
• Spring Broadleaf Weed Control
• Lawn Feeding – FREE


• Fall Organic Soil Treatment
• Fall Broadleaf Weed Control
• Lawn Feeding – FREE

Aeration & Seeding That Works

Breaking up your compacted soil allows water and oxygen to penetrate the root zone resulting in a thicker healthier stand of grass. To insure great results, we generously over-seed with our premium grass seed targeted for your specific sun or shade conditions.

Plant Health Care

Healthy plants start with healthy soil. At New Castle, we focus on improving the soil first to ensure the health of the plants. This approach helps the plant grow stronger and healthier to withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store. We can also limit the use of insecticides and fungicides to improve the environment for all.


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