Dreading this time of year when it’s dark as you drive home at 5 p.m.? Wish you could enjoy more time outside your property? Adding outdoor lighting may be the answer.

The Best in Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an investment in beauty, safety and entertainment for your home. It can also act as a mood booster! New Castle Lawn & Landscape partners with Unique Lighting Systems, a landscape lighting pioneer, as we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. Unique Lighting Systems is comprehensive, innovative, technically advanced and professional grade. It allows us to confidently and creatively work with our customers.

Here are a few ways adding lighting at your property can give things a glow-up…

Appearance. Envision lantern light posts at the end of your driveway, modern sconces positioned at each side of your front door, twinkling tree and garden additions, string lights above an outdoor fire pit, and colored accent lights around a pond feature…outdoor lighting can greatly enhance your home’s look and make landscaping visible any time of day. When properly positioned, it can make architectural and garden features really pop.

Functionality. No sunlight? No problem. Once the sun goes down, outdoor lighting allows you to spend extra hours outside. Go ahead and plan that late-night dinner with friends on the patio or some time with a glass of wine in the hot tub. Adding outdoor lighting can make the spaces you love useable for more hours of the day.

Security & Safety. Well-lit spaces are a deterrent for crimes like burglary and vandalism. Key lighting points are near entrance doors and around windows, as well as the darkest portions of your yard space. These could be perfect spots for motion sensor lighting. You can also use lighting in areas such as around stairs and other step downs to minimize the potential for tripping, falling and other accidents.

Ready to learn more?

Unique Lighting Systems endure extensive environmental testing, including in rain, extreme heat and cold, UV and lightning situations. The company learns quickly and makes adjustments to improve their product line. They also stand behind their products with great warranties, which is crucial for customers.

Want to know how it will all work in your space and boost your home’s curb appeal before making a long-term commitment? Good news! We can install a demo kit so you can see how it will all look and operate.

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