We all love trees! They are the backdrop to our landscape, the shade in which we seek from the hot sun, the shelter we run to when it showers, and the natural play set we can climb.  In honor of Arbor Day, we always encourage everyone to plant more trees, not only for the environments sake, but pure and simple a tree can bring us great joy.  How rewarding is it to say “I just planted a tree”.  No matter how big or small, we can stand back and watch the fruits of our labor grow…and maybe it will even produce some fruit for us!  So get out there, plant a tree and tell us all about it!


“How can I save a tree?” you ask.  Like all things, living or not, trees need to be taken care of to have a long healthy life.  They need food, water and some nice spacious ground to hang out in.  Saving a tree, start by getting it off to the right start!
-Select a spot that will support your trees size at full maturity.  Not too close to a building or sidewalk, not under power lines, etc.
-plant them in some nice nutrient rich soil (add some compost if your soil is lousy)
-Water it in real good, and continue to water every few days or as needed.  The first few months are critical for root development.
-Feed it, some all purpose fertilizer will do the trick to stimulate growth.
-Mulch it….no volcanoes please (read another blog post).

Now, for those older trees that are out there, here is how you can help them.
-Watch for crossing branches and remove limbs that rub against one another.
-Prune trees, DO NOT TOP THEM!
-Remove any vines climbing trees.
-Remove dead or diseased branches.
-If you suspect a disease or pest, call your favorite Certified Arborist and we can recommend treatment!