When you are passing by a house what is the first thing you see? Some people may say the style and others may say the nice car in the driveway, but most individuals are drawn to the curb appeal of a property. Not only are healthy plants and trees pleasing to the eye, but they also provide many benefits to the environment by creating clean air, essential resources, and energy saving functions.



At New Castle, we are proud to present a plant health care program that puts our “patients” first – your plants. Our service is individually structured to monitor and treat for diseases and pests that may be harming your landscape. Our treatment period consists of five visits where we will inspect your landscape for possible issues affecting its well-being. If a disease or pest is discovered the best course of action will be determined by the “doctors” – our technicians.



If treatment is required, we will begin by controlling scale and other overwintering insects on your trees and shrubs. This service has a very low environmental impact and is the stepping-stone for the rest of the phases. Then it is time for the first Natural Biostimulants Application to flush winter salt from plant roots increase photosynthesis and improve deep rooting and nutrient intake. Next, we will reduce summer heat and drought stress to increase root mass, which assists in water intake. Lastly, we will feed and prepare your landscape for the winter by improving soil biology and providing a full spectrum of trace elements.



If our complete plant health care program does not fit your specific gardens need you can choose from our add-on services to tackle your case. Deep root fertilizing is the best way to apply instant nutrients to large trees. We use pressure to inject a water-based fertilizer into the root zone of the plants, which helps create and provide oxygen to the root system. Our winter protection program treats evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent dehydration from winter winds and frozen ground. Finally, we can treat to help control the invasive spotted lanternfly in your landscape and protect your trees from their damaging feeding and unpleasant side effects.

It’s not too late to fertilize and protect your plants – schedule a visit today by calling (610) 796-7818 or by filling out the form on our webpage to learn more.