Let’s face it, the dry snap this summer season hit many local lawns hard, causing brown, dry, dead patches. And if you put down a temporary pool or slip-and-slide to maximize the summer fun, you might have a nice bald spot there when you put it away at the end of the month. How can you best combat this and look forward to lush green grass pushing through in the spring of next year? The answer is simple: aeration and overseeding.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the act of creating holes in compacted soil. When soil becomes dense, it becomes more difficult for water to penetrate the ground, slowing grass growth. By aerating your lawn, you’re allowing water, air, nutrients, and fertilizer to get to the area more easily, resulting in stronger and deeper root growth. Now, before the cold sets in, is the best time to aerate your lawn so those roots can get expand and grow strong and in place.
How exactly do you know if your lawn needs to be aerated? Call us to come out and give you our free expert opinion. Sure signs also include a bouncy feel to the surface when you step on it, puddles or pooling water. These are indicators that water is likely not saturating your soil. Fall is the best time to aerate and overseed your lawn, as warm days, followed by cool nights, create the perfect recipe for optimal ground moisture and the foundation of grass re-growth.

Why Aerate & Overseed?

Consider these benefits when you’re on the fence about aerating your lawn:
• Aeration improves seed germination.
• Overseeding can fill bare areas and thicken existing grassy areas. It can also keep away insects, lawn disease and the related damage they bring.
• Aeration and overseeding decrease the growth of weeds as weeds root in weak ground areas.
• The result will be a beautifully landscaped space!

Why choose us?

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