Residential & Commercial Lawn Mowing

At New Castle we take pride in the quality of our mowing. To give our clients the cleanest and nicest cut possible, we use the best equipment and sharpen & balance our blades everyday. Each service includes bagging necessary areas, trimming around obstacles, edging walks & landscape beds and blowing of debris off of hard surfaces.

We offer annual mowing contracts to individuals who want continuing, scheduled service. We also offer shorter term contracts for those who just need occasional help. If you are planning a vacation then give us a call and we will schedule our services while you are away so you can enjoy yourself.


Our “Soil First” Lawn Care Program:

Early Spring:
• Early Spring Organic Soil Treatment
• Early Spring Crabgrass Prevention
• Lawn Feeding – FREE

• Spring Organic Soil Treatment
• Spring Broad-leaf Weed Control
• Lawn Feeding – FREE

• Summer Organic Soil Treatment
• Summer Weed Control
• Grub and Insect Control Treatment – FREE

• Fall Organic Soil Treatment
• Fall Broad-leaf Weed Control
• Lawn Feeding – FREE


Aerating & Overseeding

Let your lawn breath! We aerate your lawn by removing small plugs from the your turf resulting in increased water, air and nutrient intake into the root system of the lawn.


Slit Seeding

We revitalize your lawn by thatching and cutting “slits” into your turf while injecting grass seed into each individual groove. We use top quality seed that fits your specific lawn area and we apply a premium starter fertilizer to “jump start” the germination process. This service is offered in early spring and in late summer through fall.



Adding a thin top layer of soil with a broadcast spreader helps to build up the soil structure.

The many benefits:

  1. Supplies beneficial microorganisms, bacteria, & fungi
    2. Encourages healthy, more disease-resistant turf
    3. Increases soil’s organic matter
    4. Improves soil structure
    5. Helps grow long, strong roots
    6. Reduces compaction in heavy clay soils
    7. Aids in building a strong over-winter foundation
    8. Increases water holding capacity & drought resistance


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New Castle Lawn & Landscape has been maintaining and servicing customers’ properties in Berks and surrounding areas for 21 years. We offer a full line of maintenance and design services to help enhance the beauty and preserve the quality of both commercial and residential landscapes.

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