Thank You for Your Interest in
New Castle Lawn and Landscape!

Please find an outline for our Sales Process below. If you are looking for an estimate, please click the button below. For any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 610‐796-7818.

1. Estimate Initial Setup

1. A client calls in, emails or fills out an estimate form on our web site.

2. Our office finds the client and creates a lead.

3. Our sales manager assigns the lead to the proper salesperson.

2. Customer Meetings

1. Salesperson will contact client within 24 hours.

2. Salesperson meets with client to discuss needs, wants, timeline and budget.

3. Salesperson will take pictures and measures the property including existing grades.

4. Salesperson will contact codes office to make sure proposed work is permitted.

3. Design (If Needed)

1. Salesperson transfers job information to designer.

2. Designer designs project within specified time limit set by salesperson.

3. Designer meets with salesperson to review the design.

4. Estimate Presentation

1. Salesperson presents design to client to discuss any revisions or to get final approval.

2. Salesperson creates an estimate.

3. Salesperson presents or sends estimate to client.

5. Estimate Approval / Job Creation

1. Once the estimate is accepted, the salesperson asks for a deposit so the job can be scheduled.

2. Office schedules job.

3. Office gives scanned contract to salesperson.

4. Salesperson creates purchase order for any materials needed for the job.

5. Salesperson sends purchase order to proper vendor.

6. Salesperson creates job folder-checklist.

7. Salesperson gathers permit information and gives to office for permit submission.

8. Sales person does two week follow ups until the job is dispatched.

9. Salesperson conducts a pre-job meeting with the production department.

10. Two weeks prior to the job dispatch, salesperson lets client know the timeline on when the production supervisor is taking over.

6. Production

1. Department supervisor becomes point of contact and contacts client about project schedule, PA One Call and deliveries.

2. Supervisor or project foreman lays out the job prior to start of the project.

3. The project begins on projected start date (weather permitting) and second payment is made at the end of the first day of production.

4. The project is done according to the design, print and contract unless changes and cost are approved by the client with a signed change order.

5. The projected is completed.

6. The project foreman will have a final walk around with the client to go over any questions or concerns.

7. The final payment is now collected at the walk around or called into our office.