Snow Removal Services

There is a lot of competition in our area who inherently get into snow and don’t know what they’re doing; it’s just a continuation of their contract. They beat down prices and don’t have the equipment, people, or correct insurance to do the job right. We ask our potential clients and property managers to please stop looking at the bottom line because it doesn’t tell the whole story. The cheapest price doesn’t buy the best service and with people’s safety at risk, why take the chance?

-Brian Cuccaro CLP,ASM

In our area, where winters can be long and harsh, it is crucial to have a prompt & efficient snow removal company. We have earned this reputation of reliability and our customers enjoy the beauty of a snowfall rather than the headache of the removal.

Commercial Snow Removal

Reasons to choose New Castle for your winter maintenance: 

  • Fully staffed and trained team, many who have been with us for 10 years or more.
  • We invest in newer equipment which is critical to maintain 100% “up-time”
  • High tech, real time weather cameras that provide current condition reports throughout all service areas
  • We own many pieces of specialty equipment such as front-end loaders, winged plows, and ventrac sidewalk equipment
  • We own a 9000 square foot facility which is centrally located just off of route 422 & route 176 for easy access during those rough winters
  • We have 10 Satellite locations for material and backup equipment during a snow/ice event
  • We use the latest tracking/routing software to manage all crews during a storm
  • The crews have devices in their vehicles with their dispatched snow routes.
  • We have a brand new state of the art service vehicle with 12,000 lb. winch, welder, air compressor, and generator to keep plows and other equipment up and running during a snow/ice event
  • We have in-house mechanics on staff to care for vehicles and equipment before, during, & after the snow event
  • We have 5000 gallon brine tanks for liquid pre-salting which keep the snow from bonding to the asphalt (storm specific)
  • We are a member of Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) which notifies us of the latest trends in the industry.
  • We have a 1 million dollar primary insurance policy with a 5 million umbrella and “job site aggregate” coverage
  • We purchase/invest in hundreds of tons of salt before the season even starts so we are guaranteed to have enough product for the duration of the winter.
  • We utilize push-to-talk immediate communication between crews to maximize efficiency and response time
  • We have a 5 person support staff in the office during a snow event to handle calls, dispatching, etc.
  • We use a paid service, to acquire Certified storm summaries and total accumulations
  • Our average snow client has been with us for 10 years

What do we treat with?

We use a treated salt that is friendlier to the environment and works faster than plain rock salt. This new, treated salt is coated with magnesium & molasses which makes it 30-40% less corrosive and harmful to metal, concrete, grass, & plants. At the same time, it works 60% faster and has a longer residual effect than plain rock salt. Highly recommended!