Solair Power Screen

Transform Your Space at the Click of a Button

Enjoy the outdoors on your terms. At the touch of a button, the Solair Power Screen transforms your outdoor space into a comfortable, ventilated, pest-free environment, protected from harmful UV rays. At a whim, you can enclose your patio, deck, veranda, balcony or garage and enjoy a higher degree of comfort day and night.
The Solair Power Screen gives you the best of both worlds. Lift the screen and let the sun in when you want it. When not in use, the screen retracts out-of­-sight, maintaining your home’s beauty by stylishly blending with the exterior.
Whether you plan to enclose your patio or convert your outdoor room into a private oasis, the Solair Power Screen offers you instant versatility.

Power Screen Features

Block Harmful Rays

Solair Power Screen fabrics block between 50-99% of UV rays while allowing a clear view from the inside.

Lowers Energy Bills

When lowered in the summer months, most screen fabrics will reduce air conditioning costs. During cooler weather, open your screens co allow the sun’s warmth to warm the interior.

Wide Range of Fabrics

Whether you are converting your outdoor space into a screened room or adding a burst of color co your veranda, Solair Power Screens come in a wide array of fabrics, all designed co the highest performance standards.


Manufactured with the highest grade aluminum components, Solair Power Screens stand up to the toughest environments.


The SRS (Side Retention System) Power Screen, with zippered channels, protects against insects and keeps the screen from blowing our during windy conditions .

Cable Guided System

The minimalist approach to Power Screens, our cable guided system is a nice substitute for the SRS system when the metal rails of the SRS cannot be used.


The Solair Power Screen is backed by a 10- year warranty. Ask for additional information and warranty details.

Custom Solair Power Screens can be built-in during the time of construction co fir archways and other custom architectural situations. Screens are custom manufactured and built co your home’s exact specifications.