I just wanted to thank you for sending out Emilio for the lighting. He is AMAZING! I’m not sure how long he has been with New Castle, but we’ll buy more of whatever he’s responsible for. He worked with my 16-year-old son to figure out the lighting. My son, if I’m honest, doesn’t really like anyone. He’s not into adults at all. He loved Emilio. Honestly, we had a five-minute conversation about what he and Emilio worked on and how they figured things out. It was great. I haven’t seen the lighting yet but I got a complete explanation of how to adjust everything if we need to and was assured that if I had any questions all I had to do was call. Perfect 10! Curt really liked Chrissy too but I didn’t get to meet her so I can’t gush about her in detail. Thank you, Stacey, for making our home look so good.