Calling a tree company is not only for when you have a down limb or tree to remove.  Regular tree maintenance will help the longevity and safety of your trees,  and in the end can save you more money.  It will could you the heartache of having to clean up after a disaster or removing a tree that you wish you could save.  This doesn’t just apply to large mature trees.

The first 10 years of a trees life will determine its shape for the rest of its life.

Ways maintenance can save a tree.

Size: A species that gets too large for a space can be maintained properly (without topping), to keep it from interfering with power lines, structures or neighboring trees.
Structure: Pruning to ensure that there aren’t any crossing or rubbing branches will improve the health of the tree. Also, removing poor angled branches that can lose their strength at maturity will allow more room for healthy branches to pass through.


Health: Removing decaying or diseased limbs will improve the entire trees health. Think of it as an open wound or sickness that has never been treated; it can infect your entire body.  Same goes for trees! They have a cambium system that circulates nutrients throughout the entire tree.

Soil: Sometimes our trees aren’t growing in the idea soil structure, leading to nutrient deficiencies.  Fertilization via deep root injection in the spring and fall or tree base injections can add those nutrients to make the tree stronger and look healthier to ward off possible diseases or pests.  Think of it as vitamins for trees, to give them a little boost to compete with the turf or plants below.