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This Summer has been one of the wettest in recorded history in Berks county. If this trend continues into the Winter months, I would advise investing in a snow shovel or 5! No one really knows what the Winter will bring, but that doesn’t mean we should get caught with our snow pants down! Here are some helpful tips for safely removing snow from your property.

First and foremost, make sure to have all the proper equipment. There are many different snow shovels out there along with many types of deicer’s and it can become a daunting task choosing which one is best for you. Keep things simple and grab a good quality snow shovel from your local hardware store.


 When shoveling snow remember it is one of the most strenuous activities on your body, so take it easy. Rather then filling the snow shovel each time take multiple smaller scoops. The snow is not going anywhere! Keep in mind where you are throwing the snow. You don’t want to crush your landscape plants and have to call us in Spring to replace them all, but if you do, we would me more than happy to help!

 Now once all the snow has been removed the next step is preventing the area from becoming icy. For your driveway it is ok to use rock salt, but the better option would be calcium chloride. The reason calcium is a better option is because it is what you need for your concrete and paver surfaces. If you use rock salt on concrete products it will eat them away and damage them! When using calcium or rock salt ALWAYS WARE GLOVES because they will severely dry your hands out and can cause a burning feeling!

pastedGraphic_3.pngFollowing these simple guidelines will help you when the snow starts piling up. As much of a pain as snow can be, remember to have some fun with it by having your kids and the neighborhood kids shovel the snow for you! Sit back and enjoy your hot chocolate! pastedGraphic_4.png