The fall can be one of the best times of the year to chip away at the never-ending “to-do” list for your lawn and garden. Did you know what you do in the fall can impact the health of your turf and garden beds in the spring?

Below are 5 tips to help with your fall clean up:

1)  Aerate and overseed your lawn

Some of the benefits of aerating and overseeding are that it reduces soil compaction, allows for deeper root systems, helps build resistance to disease, thickens existing turf, and enhances germination.

2)  Clean up leaves

Leaf cleanup in the fall is extremely important! Removing leaves allows for the light to reach your turf and plants. Furthermore, it prevents the spread of disease by removing leaves that may be infected and more likely to germinate in the spring.

3)  Prune trees and shrubs

Cut back any overgrown bushes and remove broken limbs and branches to prevent any winter damage. Also, fall is the best time to cut back spring-flowering perennials.

4) Winterize your garden beds

Remove or cut back any plants that may be infested with pests or disease (key indicators of disease can be the powdery white residue on leaves and foliage). You will also want to rake out loose foliage or grasses. You can also enrich your soil by spreading a layer of compost over your garden beds. Doing this will provide you with a clean slate for spring planting!

5) Everyone’s favorite-Clean out your gutters!

By removing leaves and debris from your gutters you will be preventing ice dams and preventing mold. Also, remember to remove the leaves from the perimeter of your home so that small critters and pests do not find an inviting spot to hunker down for the winter!

Not sure where to start or if you even have the time to tackle this list?


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