If you’re not a winter person, you may find yourself dreaming of the days when the snow melts away and your lush green grass makes an appearance once again. Now could also be the time to put plans into motion and to make a dream hardscape project a reality once the weather warms up.

Need something to look forward to? We’ve got some top trends for you to take into consideration…

Perk Up Your Pool Area

Have a backyard pool but want to enhance its surroundings? We can do that! Consider a lounge area with sleek paver accents that can act as the perfect base for lounge seating and tiki torch lighting. You might also consider building a firepit nearby for an attractive water-fire elemental touch.

Green Things Up

Afraid adding concrete, slate, and other hardscaping elements will take away from your landscape’s greenery? Don’t be! We can soften any sleek hardscape project with natural elements, creating quite the conversation piece. Think seating areas surrounded by flower beds and the like. 

Level Up With Layers

Feel like you’re limited by a small space? Don’t be! We can always layer the area you have to build a lush and luxurious retreat. Perhaps a rooftop garden is in your future, or a balcony where you can enjoy a container garden and cookout on the grill, too. We can help to make sure you’re not wasting an inch of space.

You might even wish to add a water garden complete with a fountain. You’d be surprised at how adding dimension can really increase your small space’s WOW factor!

Wonderful Walkways

Are you walking on your lawn to get from your back door to a garden space, pool, or garage? Do something to make that stroll look and feel fabulous! Consider adding pavers and decorative stone to create an interesting and attractive walkway feature. What might seem like a small project can really make a big impression.

Keep Color in Mind

One simple way to make your outdoor space more attractive when considering any project is to think outside the box when it comes to color. You’d be amazed at the number of options you have when it comes to choosing stone, concrete, and more. But remember to keep things complementary, too. We can help!

Want to discuss your dreams? Call us at 610-796-7818 or visit www.newcastle94.com today to schedule a free consultation! If you can envision it; we can make it a reality.