Ready or not, we welcome fall this month. Is your property season ready? Here are some clean-up items to consider before you answer “yes,” or “no…”

Lush, Full Grass

Now is the time to aerate your lawn and seed before the fall and winter chill sets in. Aerating creates holes to break up compacted soil that can become dense for a variety of reasons. When it does, it makes it harder for water to penetrate, slowing grass growth. It’s best done during active growth times (now!) as roots can then expand and improve your lawn’s quality. Pair it with fresh seeding as seeds germinate easily in aerated holes.

Clear Leaves

Is it really necessary to rake and remove leaves from falling trees as they spread across your property? Yes! Failing to do so can allow the spread of disease that can further infect areas come spring. Leaf covering can also prevent necessary sunlight from getting to your lawn and plants, causing areas to die. You’ll also want to rake up leaves around your property’s perimeter to discourage critters from bedding there and possibly making their way inside as they will be looking for warm places hunker down in as the temperatures drop. Insects also enjoy moisture, readily found in leaf piles. It’s the perfect place for them to lay eggs and increase their population. Don’t invite them to your property by leaving piles around for them to inhabit.

Garden Bed, Tree & Shrub Preparation

Did you know you should winterize your garden beds and what it means to do so? It’s essential to remove or cut back plants carrying pests or disease, and remove loose foliage and grass. Enhance the area by spreading a layer of compost over garden beds to aid spring planting when the time comes. You’ll also want to cut back overgrown bushes (like rose bushes and hydrangeas).  You’ll be ahead of the game and ready for beautiful blooms when temperatures are on the rise again.

Look Up

Fall is a great time to remove dead branches from trees or trim unhealthy limbs that may present an issue once the snow and ice arrive.  This will also give your trees and bushes a head start for healthy growth come spring time! 

Need Help?

Agree that all these tasks are necessary but don’t have the time to tackle them? Would you rather spend your free time watching football on the weekends? No worries, that’s what we’re here for! Call us at 610-796-7818 or visit today and schedule time to discuss your needs or schedule your home’s maintenance with us!