The time has come, you have reached the time in your life when you enjoy outdoor living, entertaining, and taking pride in your home from the inside out. Taking the leap to have a paver patio is no light decision. It is something that has to be planned, budgeted and executed at the highest level to ensure that it will last for years to come and you will get the same joy out of it as when those bundles of pavers first made their debut in your yard.


It’s scary and daunting to thinking about all the possibilities. Where should it go, how big, what color, what type of paver, what pattern? That’s the easy part; then we have all the bells and whistles and of lighting, outdoor speakers, firepits, water features. These are the accessories and “gear” that you don’t really need, but they can make life easier and take the space to a whole different level of enjoyment.


There is no book or manual that will tell you how to do this. There is no store that you can cruise down the aisles to make a registry of all the things you need to buy. This is purely an experience about your own preference and lifestyle and we are “the doctors” of your patio space to guide you through that process every step of the way.



First, you will come to us with some general ideas. You saw something on TV, in a magazine or on Pinterest that caught your eye and now you want that! Show us! We love to hear your excitement of why you want this, what inspired your decision to want a new patio! Think about where you want it, and how you want to access it from the house. Then ponder how big you want it to be. How do you plan to enjoy it, how many people will be there? Cooking, dining, lounging, play or all the above!



We will walk the space with you and give you pointers that will make the most sense from a design and construction point of view. Once we brainstorm and discuss, our designers will put the ideas into the computer to show you a digital representation of how it all can look.










Once the plan is in place, and you wait for your patio to arrive, here are a few things to prepare for during the construction phase.

1. It will be loud, we use big equipment to excavate the space and tamp down the stone base, We also have loud saws that cut the pavers to make the perfect fit in curved areas or intricate corners.

 2. We will need space to work. There will be a lot of material buried and compacted under that patio, our foundation will take several tons of stone that will need to be at your property. Expect us to block off an area of your driveway or a holding area in a section of the yard. Please be patient when accessing your garage, shed or anything else close to the area we are working in.

3. There may be weather delays. If we have a lot of rain, we will have a lot of mud on a construction site. If it’s super hot, our crews will need more breaks to stay hydrated. If we have cold temperatures we may have to wait so mortar can set properly. We try our best to complete the project from start to finish on consecutive days, but unfortunately, we cannot control mother nature.

4. There will be dust, its best to keep the windows shut while we are working. If the soil is dry, dirt dust will kick up. If we are dumping stone or cutting pavers, stone dust will become airborne.

5. At New Castle Lawn and Landscape, we pride ourselves in holding all of our work to the highest standard. Our construction crews are certified installers and masons that will follow the proper protocol for materials selected. They will also keep the site as clean and tidy as possible and will leave you with nothing but satisfaction at the end. It will all be worth the stress, anxiety and months of planning.

Once all of the labor is complete, your new project will be on display for everyone to see. Plan a party, have a cookout, or simply kick your feet up, because this is one bundle of joy that you won’t have to look after for years to come! ENJOY!